Babka Bailout and Boomerang Bites now open in Jersey City

by newjerseyshores | Sep 26, 2022

Babka Bailout
Credit: Babka Bailout/Facebook

Two new local bakeries recently opened in the Heights. Babka Bailout and Boomerang Bites now share a space at 476 Central Avenue.

Babka Bailout began during the height of the pandemic as a fundraiser for owner Michal Prevor’s housekeeper. Money made from babka sales went to pay Prevor’s housekeeper’s rent. The fundraiser became a family affair for the Hoboken resident as customers quickly took a liking to Prevor’s baked goods. Flavors include Nutella, dulce de leche, brie/guava, and ube Nutella Oreo, among others. Today, Babka Bailout also offers a menu of babka balls, rugelach, and challah. (You can also find Babka Bailout treats in other parts of Jersey City like Cangiano’s in Hamilton Park).

Sharing the space with Babka Bailout is Boomerang Bites. The artisanal bakery serves up bite-sized Aussie treats or “slices.” Owner Andrea Rizvi, who was born and raised in Australia, bakes slices made of passion fruit, raspberry coconut, sweet chocolate caramel, and nut caramel. Boomerang Bites also makes Anzac biscuits, which were created by women during WWI to survive the long postal journey to their loved ones on the frontlines. The biscuit itself is a mix of syrup, oats, flour, butter, and sugar in a chewy, oaty mix. Rizvi also donates at least 20% of profits to educational causes.

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