Best BYOB in Jersey City in 2022 — our top spots to try now

by newjerseyshores | Sep 21, 2022

Gaia and LokiIf dining out in Jersey City is putting a strain on your wallet — don’t fret. There are dozens of BYOB restaurants in Jersey City where you can enjoy a meal with your favorite bottle of red or six-pack. From neighbofhood pizza spots like Rustique to popular eateries like The Franklin — here is our pick for the best BYOB in Jersey City in 2022.

East Hana

East Hana JCIf you’re looking for a casual and affordable sushi dinner — East Hana should be high on your list. This Japanese restaurant first opened during the pandemic on the corner of Montgomery and Warren. The indoor dining space is small and can feel no-frills (there’s no music and harsh bright lighting), but the food is consistently fresh and tasty making it our go-to for sushi night. (103 Montgomery)

The Franklin

The Franklin Jersey CityThis family-owned restaurant is a must if you love Italian food. The pastas are made fresh everyday and the menu is diverse enough to satisfy meat eaters, seafood lovers, and non-meat eaters. The restaurant offers a very relaxed vibe, so bring a bottle of two and enjoy. (159 New York Avenue)

Uncle Momo

Uncle MomoThis French-Lebanese restaurant originated in Montclair before expanding to Jersey City. The BYOB offers everything from lamb tajine to its signature hummus. We especially love the Ouzi, which combines sauteed veggies, raisins, cashews, chicken (optional), and basmati rice served inside a filo pastry. (289 Grove)


RustiqueLocated on a quiet corner in Harsimus Cove, family-operated Rustique is the perfect go-to spot when you want pizza sans the overpriced wine list. The BYOB eatery is quiet and oftentimes overlooked, but we’re big fans of Rustique’s Sicilian brick oven pizza. Their “Kathy” pizza (pictured) is also great, made with Rustique’s housemade vodka sauce, mozzarella, and Pecorino Romano. (611 Jersey Avenue)

Miso Ramen

Miso Ramen salmon bao with sakeFrom sake to wine — the team at Miso Ramen will gladly welcome your choice of liquor. The Newark Avenue eatery is quiet and chill — a very rare find among Newark Avenue eateries. Great for a casual date or perfect for that solo dinner if you opt to sit at their ramen counter. (189 Newark Avenue)

Cafe Alyce

Cafe Alyce Jersey CityIf you’re looking for the best brunch in Jersey City, look no further than Cafe Alyce. The BYOB brunch spot offers friendly service, an old-school vibe, and some of the best food in all of JC. Be warned, it can get very busy on weekends. (641 Montgomery)

Pinwheel Garden

Pinwheel GardenThis family-owned restaurant fuses flavors and ingredients from different cultures including Korea, China, India, and France, to name a few. Flavors Pinwheel Garden are bold and the dishes are unique and inventive. The small space can get crowded, so you’ll want to arrive early. (318 Communipaw Avenue)

Gaia & Loki

Gaia and Loki lumpia

Located just steps away from the Grove PATH station, Gaia and Loki is a restaurant everyone in JC needs to visit. The family-owned eatery is successfully showcasing how delicious vegetarian/vegan food can be. You’ll find pastas, salads, “meatball” parm, and an amazing/vegetarian take on Filipino lumpia. They’ve also recently added a selection of teas, which make for the perfect post-dinner drink. (346 Grove Street)


Corto Stuffed PeppersIf there’s one Italian restaurant you must try in Jersey City — Corto is it. The neighborhood eatery offers some of the best Italian food around using fresh, local ingredients. The menu is simple — inspired by rustic Italian dishes — but the food is complex and packed with flavors. Grab yourself a natural wine from neighboring Riverview Wine and enjoy one of  the best restaurants in Jersey City. (507 Palisade Avenue)

One Dee Siam

One Dee Siam JCA New York City transplant, One Dee Siam is one of the newer BYOBs in Jersey City. The Thai restaurant offers an extensive menu with everything from spicy papaya salad to a variety of curries. It’s location along the Jersey City Pedestrian Plaza makes it a solid pick for dinner any night of the week. (137 Newark Avenue)

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