Discover the Attractive, Entertaining and Enjoyable Boardwalks in New Jersey Shores

There’ no such place more entertaining, more relaxing and more conducive than a place beside the beach during hot summer season. Among those fun and relaxing activities that we could do with our family during this season or all year round is to swim in cold waters, shopping in delightful shops, having fun in amusement parks and betting in magnificent casinos.  All these can be found in just one single location in New Jersey Shores. Choose from varieties of boardwalks in this utopia and you’ll have them all.

The Asbury Park Boardwalk

Just been renovated after the damage sustained during Superstorm Sandy, the Asbury Park boardwalk is now bigger and better than ever. They boast a one mile long boardwalk with attractions such as Convention Hall, Asbury Splash Park and Silverball Museum Arcade. The entire family can have fun on the boardwalk and since it is only 60 miles south of New York City and about 90 minutes north of Atlantic City, everyone in the surrounding area can easily take a trip there for the day.

Although many of the historical buildings and landmarks such as the old casino have since closed, there is still a lot of beauty to Asbury Park. People can still cherish the breathtaking views of the beach and inspired by the spectacular music scene. As the hometown of musician Bruce Springsteen, it is only natural that music be integrated into everyday life. People from all corners of the state travel to Asbury Park New Jersey so they can see a concert at The Stone Pony, one of the most popular venues in the state.

The place is a great family-friendly destination to visit every summer. The boardwalk town offers a wide variety of attractions, Zagat-rated restaurants and nightlife activities so the whole family can have fun. Among those place that you could enjoy in the Asbury Park are:

Asbury Lane is the only places in the area where families can come together not only for a friendly bowling match, but also to watch bands perform live.

The Wonder Bar is a fun and cool place for residents in Asbury Park to relax, hang out with friends and, during Yappy Hour, socialize with dog lovers in the area. You can’t miss this bar because it proudly displays the face of Tillie, a man almost every NJ resident recognizes!

The Stone Phony is one of New Jersey’s most famous music venues. Here you can rock out to local bands every weekend!

Asbury Park Convention Hall is one of the most beautiful attractions in Asbury Park. It has hosted numerous legends such as Frank Sinatra, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder and NJ’s very own Bruce Springsteen. They have a state-of-the-art stage, spacious floor space and are located right on the boardwalk!

Silverball Museum Arcade features some of the coolest pinball machines, not only from the 2000s, but also from the 1930s! Additionally, they have a snack bar where guests can enjoy classic boardwalk food such as pizza, hot dogs and funnel cake.


Wildwood NJ Boardwalk

This boardwalk is a 38 block long with absolutely full of fun for the entire family. In this spot you will find countless stores, restaurants, live entertainment, multiple amusement piers and most of all captivating water park.

The Wildwood, NJ Boardwalk is one of the most exciting places you can spend your summer, either with your friends or family. While the beach is relaxing and a great place to sunbathe or swim in the Atlantic Ocean, the boardwalk is the place to go if you are looking for constant activity, cool events and a relaxing atmosphere.

Let your kids love the kid-centric portion of the Wildwood, the Morey’s Pie. It has all the fun your kids could do. With 3 amusement piers featuring everything from classic boardwalk rides to adrenaline pumping roller coasters, everyone is guaranteed a good time. Additionally, Morey’s Pier has 2 water parks, one filled with awesome water slides, pools and family obstacle courses, and the other intended for relaxation. Have fun and beat the hit this summer in this boardwalk in Southern NJ.

Morey’s Pier’s River Adventure is a place where you can have fun activity, relax and have a good time. Unlike the typical lazy river where you simply float around a course, this adventure has geysers, waterfalls and some catch of surprises.

Morey’s Pier Activity Pool is a 175,000 gallon pool and is filled with countless interactive toys. Kids can play in the water, spray swimmers with hoses or do a number of other things.

Adventure Pier is a spot where you can participate in a variety of activities not found on other piers. This pier offers helicopter rides, slingshot rides, a roller coaster with a 105 foot drop and some heart-wracking activities.

Ocean Oasis Water Park and Beach Club is located directly behind Surfside Pier and offers guests a unique tropical atmosphere that is unexpected in NJ. Here you will find a number of private cabanas surrounded by fire pits.

Raging Waters Water Park is the summer hot spot jam-packed with a variety of water slides, pools, a lazy river, family obstacle courses and more exciting activities.

Surfside Pier is an absolute cool place where you can ride exciting rides and take your summer fun to a new level. At this amusement pier you will find a variety of roller coasters sure to make your heart race.

Mariner’s Pier is the place to go with your children if you want them to have fun and create the best boardwalk memories. At this boardwalk attraction, you will find a full selection of classic rides.

Ocean City NJ Boardwalk

Ocean City is family friendly and primarily geared towards children. The most well-known attraction in this beach town is Gillian’s Wonderland Pier. With a large Ferris wheel that will allow you to see miles around the beach, kiddie rides such as Jumbo and Wacky Worm and classic rides such as bumper cars and roller coasters, the whole family can have fun at this amusement park on the Ocean City Boardwalk. Additionally, the Ocean City Boardwalk is home to Ocean City Waterpark, a fun attraction that allows everyone to put their fears to the test and find out what it’s like to race down a large water slide.

If you aren’t a beach lover person and setting and lying in the sand doesn’t appeal to you, you may enjoy this boardwalk’s shopping scene. Along the 2.5 miles of boardwalk, you will find numerous stores selling all kinds of items. Whether you are looking for items for yourself or gifts for friends and family, you can find them along the Ocean City Boardwalk.

Ocean City, NJ is a great shore town to visit with family and has developed a reputation as being the most family-friendly boardwalks in the state. Whether you have young children or you are venturing on a weekend beach getaway with your significant other, you are sure to have summer fun.

The beach in Ocean City, NJ is definitely someplace you will want to visit. Not only is it clean, fun and peaceful, but it is also one of the focal points of the town. There are always things to do around this beach.

After hours relaxing on the beach and getting some sun, you don’t necessarily have to head home. The boardwalk in Ocean City has plenty of cool places to hang out. Also, there are numerous shops with great souvenir items, check them out here:

Gillian’s Wonderland Pier is one of the fun historical landmarks in Southern NJ. It features a variety of rides including indoor rides, kiddie rides for the little ones and adventure rides for extreme thrill seekers. Gillian’s Wonderland Pier’s Carousel is certainly something you will want to take your kids on. It was built in 1926 and continues to take riders of all ages on a gentle up and down horse ride.

The Ocean City Waterpark is your non-beach place for water fun. This waterpark has countless fun things to do, including water slides, pools, a lazy river and much more. Your whole family will surely have fun here in this haven.

Adventure Golf is a section of the Ocean City Waterpark that allows kids to get out of the water and enjoy a more competitive game. They will love the challenge of sinking their golf ball into the holes and getting a hole in one!

Oves Restaurant is a great place to savor fresh American cuisine. It’s a place where you can enjoy a meal and at the same time relax on its heaven-like ambience. Not only that, this restaurant also offers extra services, such as, bike and beach equipment rentals.

Island Grill is a seafood and steakhouse in Ocean City where you can find many delicious dishes. You will find everything from fried and broiled fish options to fajitas and burgers. Feed yourself with anything you like from this superb restaurant in town.

Atlantic City Boardwalk NJ

The Atlantic City, NJ Boardwalk is one of the most well-known beach attractions in the state. Whether you are looking for fun attractions that the whole family can take part in or a venue with music events and gambling, it can all be found around this boardwalk.

Open since 1870, the Atlantic City Boardwalk is one of America’s iconic locations. The 4 mile strip of beachfront attractions boasts multiple restaurants, family-fun arcades and shops, one of the country’s oldest lighthouses and, of course, multiple casinos hotels and resorts.

The beach in Atlantic City, NJ is something truly breathtaking. You can easily spend a day sunbathing in the sand, swimming in the ocean and taking part in the fun boardwalk activities that are great for people of every age.

Bally’s Atlantic City Casino is one of the best places to go for gambling and a show. The casino offers live entertainment from well-known artists and daily poker tournaments that everyone, beginner or pro, can join.

Golden Nugget is a luxurious hotel, casino and spa in Atlantic City with plenty of entertainment for everyone. It features two entertainment venues where you can find celebrities performing every day of the week.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not is a cool museum of oddities located in Atlantic City, NJ. The kids will absolutely love walking around and seeing all of the cool photos, strange objects and trying their hand at the Laser Maze Challenge.

Atlantic City Convention Center is a 500,000 square foot venue which you can use for corporate events or attend a trade show. There is almost always something going on at this center and many of the activities are open to the public.

Absecon Lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses in the country, but it is also the tallest lighthouse in NJ. Visit this landmark and climb its 228 steps and gain a whole new perspective of Atlantic City.

Tropicana Casino and Resort is one of the better-known hotels and casinos in Atlantic City. Whether you enjoy fine dining, gambling or live entertainment, you can find it all at this boardwalk based resort.

Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville is located inside the Resorts Hotel Casino and features great food, live entertainment and a tiki bar! The restaurant has an outdoor deck so you can eat outside in nice weather!

Furthermore, the nightlife in Atlantic City is lively, entertaining and great for anyone who just wants to get out and have a night on the town. In addition to the Boardwalk attractions, there are dozens of shows, bars and clubs.

Point Pleasant Boardwalk

Despite being only a few miles away from other beaches and summer attractions, the boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ has a lot to offer visitors. It is home to the Jenkinson’s Boardwalk, which attracts families with children of all ages because it has rides, games and activities that everyone will enjoy. Other places you can go on or near this boardwalk include numerous arcades, the beach and the Jenkinson’s Aquarium.

Point Pleasant Beach is a clean, family-friendly and surrounded by cool attractions where the entire family can have fun. If you’re heading New Jersey Shores, then you must not miss swimming in the cold waters in this spot. One of the best places to cherish here.

Jenkinson’s Boardwalk is the place you will want to bring your kids every summer. It is home to everything from an aquarium to rides, kid’s events and seasonal fun. It is also a home to many fun rides and games. Featured rides include the carousel, Crazy Bus, Dizzy Dragons, Boardwalk Bounce and more! Every child is sure to have a blast when they spend the day trying them all.

The Jenkinson’s Aquarium is the best place to go on the Point Pleasant Boardwalk if you want to see a variety of animals. You will find everything from lizards and fish to starfish and penguins at this cool attraction.

Daniel’s Bistro is one of Point Pleasant’s finest restaurants. You will find a wide variety of options at this restaurant, including seafood, veal and chicken. Also, they have a variety of mouthwatering desserts you can try.