La Conga Food Market permanently closes this weekend

by newjerseyshores | Apr 15, 2023

La Conga Food MarketLa Conga Food Market will permanently close after this Sunday. Located at 352 Grove Street, La Conga was the go-to grocer when my parents and I moved to Jersey City in the 1980s. It was where we got our pernil for the holidays, it’s where I ate my first pastel de guava, and it’s one of a handful of small businesses that helped shape the face of downtown Jersey City.

The supermarket was known for its wide selection of Latin American products that included everything from sofrito to Central American cheeses and creams. A lot of items are currently 30% off as this weekend will be their last in business. When neighboring La Congita closed back in 2015, they left this message for downtown JC, which resonates now more than ever.

“We wish you all the best and pray for the continued success of downtown Jersey City and hope it never forgets its roots and all the small businesses that paved the way.”

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