LHS overcapacity, large dog adoption fees waived

by newjerseyshores | Aug 15, 2023

Dog at Liberty Humane Society
Credit: LHS

The Liberty Humane Society needs your help. In a recent post on Facebook, the non-profit shared that their shelter is full and they have no more room for large dogs. So they’re waiving adoption fees on all large dogs (greater than 35 pounds) effective immediately.

“We need to get at least 5 dogs into foster, rescue, or adoption today to avoid making extremely difficult decisions,” reads the post. “We have not had to euthanize any animals due to capacity in more than 8 years.”

For a deeper explanation of what’s happening, the LHS shared a WSJ article that reveals a nationwide trend of pet owners returning pets they adopted during the pandemic. Shelters were practically cleared of pets during the pandemic, but unfortunately many of those pets are now being returned to shelters. Reasons for return include financial problems (fueled by inflation), house evictions, owner hospitalizations, and more. NYC shelters are also in crisis mode as reported by NBC New York.

Even if you can’t adopt, fostering a large dog would make a huge impact and help alleviate the situation at LHS (and any kennel). You can find pets for adoption directly on the LHS adoption website.

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