Meryendang Pinoy coming to Newark Avenue

by newjerseyshores | Jun 11, 2024

Meryendang Pinoy coming to Newark Avenue

Meryendang PinoyA family-owned business from Jersey City’s West Side neighborhood is moving downtown. Meryendang Pinoy will soon open at 283 Newark Avenue between Monmouth and Third Street. (They’re taking over the former Pokay Bowl space).

Meryendang Pinoy previously operated from Flip Vibes at 125 Mallory Avenue. There they served a variety of Filipino street food/snacks such as taho, fish balls, sweet cheese corn, ice scramble, and nilupak, which is made by smashing cooked cassava, with butter, and condensed milk.

Although they haven’t revealed a menu for their new space, we’re hoping they’ll bring some of those tasty Filipino snacks to their new outpost. You can follow them on Instagram for updates on their opening.

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