Newport partners with Envoy to give residents access to Teslas

by newjerseyshores | Sep 25, 2023


Newport Jersey CityNewport Rentals is partnering with car-sharing service Envoy in an effort to give residents eco-friendly transportation options. Thanks to the new partnership, residents who live in Newport will get exclusive car-sharing benefits, including access to Envoy’s dedicated Tesla fleet located on-site in Newport.

Envoy is a community-based electric car-sharing service that partners with residential developments, hotels, and office buildings to give users access to convenient, affordable, zero-emission transportation. Through the new partnership with Envoy, Newport residents will receive priority benefits to the car-sharing platform, including discounted hourly or daily bookings and exclusive access to two Teslas parked on-site in Newport.

Residents can book the cars via Envoy’s app, alleviating the costs of car insurance and cleaning fees, as well as the responsibility of charging the vehicles. Additionally, there are no restrictions on where you can go. Residents just have to be sure to return the car at the initial pick up location on Newport grounds.

You can learn more about the partnership via the Newport/Envoy website.

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