NJ-bound Holland Tunnel to close 6 nights per week through 2025

by newjerseyshores | Jan 24, 2023

Holland Tunnel
Credit: Port Authority

Those late night Lyft rides from New York to Jersey City are about to get longer. Almost a decade after Hurricane Sandy hit NY/NJ, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has announced its plans to close the New Jersey-bound side of the Holland Tunnel six nights a week for mandatory Hurricane Sandy repairs. The overnight shutdowns will begin at 11pm on Sunday, February 5 and extend through 2025. The New York-bound side of the tunnel (pictured) will remain open.

The overnight closures are necessary to make extensive and critical work to permanently fix and replace damaged components of the tunnel, says the Port Authority. During the closure, the PA will thoroughly wash and remove sea salt residue left behind from the 2012 hurricane. It will also install flood mitigation improvements designed to withstand future extreme weather events, such as flexible wall barriers at the tunnel exit/entrance; a removable flood barrier system around the tunnel perimeter; and concrete flood walls around the New Jersey administrative facility.

Holland Tunnel Closures

The New Jersey-bound portion of the Holland Tunnel will close on the following nights starting on February 5 at 11pm:

  • Sunday nights: 11pm to 5:30am
  • Monday nights: 11pm to 5:30am
  • Tuesday nights: 11pm to 5:30am
  • Wednesday nights: 11pm to 5:30am
  • Thursday nights: 11pm to 5:30am
  • Friday nights: 11:59pm to 9am
  • Saturday nights: no scheduled closures

Drivers heading to New Jersey will have to take alternate routes such as the Lincoln Tunnel, George Washington Bridge, or rely on mass transit.

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