RPM Raceway unveils its longest multi-level track

by newjerseyshores | Jan 31, 2023

RPM Raceway
Credit: RPM Raceway

RPM Raceway (99 Caven Point Rd), an indoor go-kart racing center, just unveiled its new, state of the art multi-level tracks. The new tracks can accommodate up to 16 adult racers and 12 juniors, which doubles its previous capacity. Combined, the two new tracks create the RPM Mega-Track, which RPM states is the world’s longest at more than 2,200 feet with a 72-second lap time.

“We are excited to officially unveil the future of indoor electric go-kart racing at our Jersey City location,” said Eyal Farage, Chief Executive Officer and co-owner of RPM Raceway. “This next-generation multi-level racing concept is not only incredible, it demonstrates our passion and commitment to improving the overall entertainment and hospitality experience of our guests. It’s fast, it’s fun and we are confident our guests will love it.”

The new tracks are part of a multi-million dollar renovation of its Jersey City location, cementing RPM Raceway as having the longest Mega-Track indoor electric kart racing experience in the world.

In addition to the new tracks, RPM Raceway also unveiled a new fleet of OTL Italian electric adult and junior karts with digital dashboards, paddle shifters, and speed boost capabilities.

RPM Raceway Track
Credit: RPM Raceway

A new trackside Bar & Grill is currently in the works and slated to open later in 2023. The eatery will offer 360 degree views of the racetrack.

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