Teppan Bar & Grill is closing this weekend

by newjerseyshores | Feb 24, 2023

Teppan JC sushi
Sushi and sashimi combo at Teppan

One of downtown’s original sushi spots is permanently closing this weekend. A sign outside Teppan Bar & Grill at 319 Warren states that the restaurant will be closed starting this Sunday. (It’s worth mentioning that their note says they will close Sunday, February 25. However, Sunday is February 26).

Teppan was a unique attraction in that it’s the only restaurant in downtown that offered both sushi and teppanyaki cooking (aka hibachi). Its open, wide space also made it great for large parties. Menu-wise, Teppan offered a wide range of Japanese and Asian food including hibachi, sushi, signature rolls, ramen, teriyaki, and more. The restaurant also housed a full bar and offered daily lunch.

If you want to enjoy one last meal at Teppan, this will be your final weekend to do so. You can read their thank you note below.

Teppan closing note


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