The Weekender: Final Bacon Fest weekend at Zeppelin, Super Moon at Frankie

by newjerseyshores | Feb 9, 2024

Pet Shop JCFrom the final Bacon Fest weekend at Zeppelin Hall to live music at Pet Shop JC, here’s where to eat, shop, and chill this weekend in Jersey City. Plus, if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day before February 14th, restaurants Felina Steak and Maddy Rose are offering their Valentine’s Day specials starting this Friday. (For more options, check out our guide on where to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Jersey City).

Thursday Events

What: Pet Shop JC Live Gigs
When: Thursday, February 8 from 8pm
Where: 193 Newark Avenue
Both floors a Pet Shop JC will feature live music today with bands Widely Grown, Mercury Brothers, and Emerson Woolf & The Wishbones.

* * * * *

What: Zeppelin Hall Bacon Fest
When: through February 11
Where: 88 Liberty View Drive
Bacon Fest comes to an end this weekend. Through Sunday, February 11, you can order from various different bacon entrees that include dishes like bacon mac & cheese, a bacon Nashville chicken sandwich, and more.

* * * * *

What: Milton at Fox & Crow
When: Thursday, February 8 from 8pm to 10pm
Where: 594 Palisade Avenue
Milton and his trio of NYC stage and studio vets will perform a wide range of songs including blues, jazz, country, and more. Admission is $10/pp.

* * * * *

Friday Events

What: Super Moon at Frankie
When: Friday, February 9 from 8pm to 12am
Where: 264 Grove Street
Super Moon is a Friday night music series held at the bar at Frankie. The event spotlights local DJs as they spin their best vinyl from 8pm till midnight.

* * * * *

What: Karyn Kuhl & the Gang at Fox & Crow
When: Friday, February 9 from 9pm to 11pm
Where: 594 Palisade Avenue
Karyn Kuhl first received national acclaim for her early bands Gut Bank and Sexpod, growing out of the Hoboken music scene. Today, Kuhl’s music is available on all streaming platforms and has been used in several films and series under Karyn Kuhl and Karyn Kuhl Band. Admission is $10/pp.

* * * * *

Saturday Events

What: Free Whenever at Fox & Crow
When: Saturday, February 10 from 8pm to 10pm
Where: 594 Palisade Avenue
Free Whenever play a unique blend of vintage psychedelia, dub reggae, eastern modality, and African rhythmic tradition. Their self-proclaimed “psychedelic groove music” is built on their intertwining, conversational bass and guitar melodies over a backbone of Afro-Latin percussion and punchy, hip hop-inspired drums. Admission is $10/pp.

* * * * *

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