Top Things To Do In Asbury Park, NJ With Kids And Families

by newjerseyshores | Mar 10, 2023

Anyone who recalls the state of disrepair that Asbury Park was in during the late 1980s will be amazed at its transformation and continuing progress. A walk along Asbury Park’s beach and boardwalk today shows families, attractions, a clean beach, artwork, delicious food, and an amusement park-style playground which is free to all and supported by the city – situated between Convention Hall and the old casino to the south. Nowadays, this stretch of Jersey Shore coastline is one of Monmouth County’s major attractions.
Kids having fun at Asbury Park boardwalk attraction

If you’re planning a trip to Asbury with your kids or family, then you’re in luck! There are plenty of activities away from the beach that will keep everyone entertained. From exploring a spooky Paranormal Museum to glass blowing at Hot Sand, your vacation will surely be filled with fun memories.

Families And Kids Will Find Lots Of Fun Things To Do In Asbury Park

Asbury Splash Park

Attracted by the sound of delighted shrieks as a giant spinning teacup sends cascades of water over everyone, your children aged eight and younger may head straight for the Asbury Splash Park, an outdoor recreational area that is open only during certain times of the year.

Situated on the boardwalk, it provides stunning vistas across both the beach and the street. For those searching for a thrilling yet economical escapade, the gigantic garden hose nozzle and reclining chairs for adults to relax on are excellent choices. Admission prices of only $9 for kids and $5 for adults, or a family pass at an affordable cost of $20, make it easy to ensure your kids have a wonderful experience without spending too much money.

To ensure that this is your main destination, it’s important to call ahead or check the Facebook page for updates before visiting.—Although it’s open seven days a week beginning in mid-June, prior to that, it is only open during the weekends. It can close suddenly without warning due to repairs or inclement weather conditions.

Thus, it is important to check ahead of time before visiting as its hours of operation may have changed unexpectedly. If you are prepared to wait until 4:00 pm, discounted tickets for children will cost just $6 and adults only $3. If your kids adore the sprinkler park, then be sure to take a look at this comprehensive list of 35 splash pads located in New Jersey. It is an excellent opportunity to have some fun in the sun while saving money!

Asbury Eighteen Mini Golf

Do you have a young golf enthusiast in your family? If so, then you won’t want to miss the great mini-golf course at Asbury Eighteen Mini Golf, conveniently located right next to the Asbury Splash Park. This mini-golf course is one of the best on the shore, and it offers an affordable round of golf for kids and adults alike – $9 for children and $11 for adults.

If your kids love golf or enjoy outdoor activities, this is definitely a great spot to visit!

Silverball Arcade

Located right in the heart of the boardwalk, Silverball Arcade is an ideal spot to visit if you’re caught out in a sudden rain shower. This arcade offers an impressive selection of classic pinball machines and modern games, as well as old-school video games from days gone by. If you want to make the most of your time here, you can purchase an hour pass for $15.00 or a half-day pass for only $17.50 – both great value for money! At the arcade, you don’t have to worry about leaving in order to get something to eat.

They offer a variety of snacks that are easy to grab and go to so you can continue playing your favorite games. But if you’re looking for something more fun than just gaming, they have small rides outside the arcade that are operated by quarters. These rides are perfect for young children, such as toddlers and preschoolers, providing them with a thrilling experience on the train or in cars.

Biking on the Boardwalk

If you are looking for a great way to explore Asbury Park, bring your own bicycle or rent one from either the conveniently located Asbury Park Cyclery directly on the boardwalk or alternatively use Zagster, a public share bike program. With either option, you can enjoy a leisurely ride along the scenic seaside path or take some time to discover all that Asbury Park has to offer. No matter what type of cyclist you are – recreational, commuter, or enthusiast – both options will allow you to experience the city with ease and convenience.

It is important to remember that during the summer, cycling is only allowed on the boardwalk between 10 pm and 10 am (during peak season) in the early morning and late evening. Therefore, it would be wise to plan your biking activities accordingly so as not to disturb or inconvenience others. Additionally, cyclists should ensure that they are mindful of their surroundings and follow the designated paths while riding.

Glass Blowing at Hot Sand

For yet another activity to enjoy on a dreary, rainy day, take a stroll inland from the southern end of the boardwalk and make your way down Cookman Avenue to Hot Sand, an extraordinary glassblowing studio. Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy a truly family-friendly experience that all ages can appreciate.

Children of all ages can come to Hot Sand, where they can make their own unique glass creations! Younger kids can create a replica of their hand or foot in glass, while older children have the opportunity to craft beautiful sun tiles with pre-cut glass. Hot Sand welcomes walk-ins during the week but highly recommends making reservations for the popular weekend afternoon sessions.

Bowling At Asbury Lanes

If you have a competitive family, why not take them to the renowned Asbury Lanes for an exciting round of bowling? The cost is only $30 for thirty minutes of bowling fun, and shoe rentals are just $5. This popular landmark offers an enjoyable activity that will bring your family together in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

Strike up some competition with a game of bowling at Asbury Lanes! This evocative bowling alley, not only a place for concerts but also boasting a diner serving delicious milkshakes and a bar, is an incredibly distinctive venue. You will enjoy the atmosphere here; however, if you are bringing your children, it is recommended that you come earlier in the day to avoid the crowds at night.

Kids In A Candy Store

For a special treat, why not take your kids to one of the many delightful candy stores in town? Sugarpop Candy Bar, located on the boardwalk, is sure to bring a smile to any kid’s face!

There they can fill a bag with all kinds of delicious treats of their choosing. And if you’re looking for something more unique, then be sure to check out River Sweet Treats on Cookman Avenue. This shop is renowned for its world-famous pralines – an absolute must-try!

Asbury Park Pedal Boats

If you are making your way from the southern end of the beach to Cookman Avenue, be sure to take a detour and check out the delightful giant swan pedal boats located on Wesley Lake, which is nestled between Ocean Grove and Asbury Park.

Whenever you walk by with your kids, they can’t help but be drawn in by these eye-catching vessels. It’s always an unforgettable experience for kids! Up to two adults and one child, or two children and one adult, can embark on a boat into the inlet for a cost of just $20 per half hour. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the waterway at an affordable price without compromising safety guidelines.

Spooky Fun At The Paranormal Museum

This bookstore offers an intriguing collection of tales about the area’s sometimes sinister past, ranging from rumrunners to shipwrecks. Those who are interested in exploring these mysterious stories further can join their Ghosts and Legends Tour on the boardwalk every Friday evening at 8 pm or Sunday night at 7 pm; alternatively, they can embark on this journey of discovery downtown Thursday and Saturday evenings at 8 pm.

The museum offers a wide range of services, including private and guided tours that allow visitors to explore the house and its equipment for paranormal activity. Furthermore, for those seeking an even more immersive experience, they offer an exclusive After Dark Tour where participants can use the equipment to investigate any potential supernatural activity. Moreover, if desired, the museum staff can also arrange for personal psychic readings with experienced professionals.

Free Things to Do in Asbury Park with Kids

4th of July, Asbury Park

No doubt, Asbury Park is the ideal spot to witness a stunning fireworks display on the Fourth of July. This charming beachside town has provided the inspiration for Bruce Springsteen’s iconic song, “Sandy”, and its annual spectacular show of fireworks has become a beloved tradition. If you are looking for an enjoyable activity to do with your children during this holiday season, there is no better place than here! With its sandy shoreline providing a magnificent backdrop to the brilliant colors in the sky above, it can be an unforgettable experience for adults and kids alike.


As mentioned previously, there is a playground situated on the beach that does not require any form of badge or identification to enter. The playground is enclosed within a fence and can be accessed via a staircase leading directly down from the beach.

Window Shopping on Cookman

This might be more of a treat for you than your children, but they likely won’t mind taking a stroll down Cookman Avenue while you look at the various stores and potentially even go inside some of them. You may find something that grabs your attention or just revel in the atmosphere, and your kids will enjoy being out with you as well. If you embark on a journey from Main Street and make your way down Cookman Avenue towards the beach, a cupcake from Confections of a Rock$tar Bakery can be used as an excellent reward for exhibiting exemplary behavior. Indulging in these delicious treats will certainly make the trip even more enjoyable!

Dog Beach

Located on the north side of the picturesque Asbury Park beach is a special dog-friendly area known as Bradley Cove. If you have brought your furry companion along for the weekend, they can have an enjoyable time in this designated spot – just make sure to pick up any mess that they leave behind!

With its wide expanse of sand and plenty of room to run around, it’s no wonder why so many people bring their dogs here when taking a trip to Asbury Park. If your children have a fondness for canines, they may be captivated by the sight of puppies frolicking in the surf. Watching them frolic and splash around in the salty ocean waves will surely bring a smile to their faces – something that will undoubtedly provide an unforgettable and precious memory.

Asbury Park Bazaar

Located in the Convention Center along the boardwalk in Asbury Park, the bazaar is a pop-up marketplace where people sell artwork and handmade goods. Often they have live music playing in the convention center during the bazaar.

Christmas In Convention Hall

Visiting the Grand Arcade in the Convention Hall during Christmas time is truly a magical experience. The festive decorations, bright lights, and live music create an atmosphere full of holiday cheer. As you enter through the doors, you are greeted by a stunningly large and illuminated Christmas tree displayed in all its glory. Sparkling strands of tiny white lights adorn the ceiling while cheerful carols fill the air with joyous sounds.

There’s no doubt that you will be captivated by this enchanting setting and leave feeling filled with seasonal spirit! You can discover delightful trinkets, and purchase a delicious cup of coffee or hot cocoa inside. Last year, they decided to do something a bit out of the ordinary – instead of having a traditional live tree, an inventive local artist constructed an artistic tree sculpture that was showcased in the Grand Arcade for everyone to admire.

Admire Street Art by Local Artists

Take a leisurely walk along the boardwalk and investigate the historic buildings, where you can observe incredible artworks from renowned local talents, like Porckchop and many more as part of the Wooden Walls Mural Project. This colorful project has brightened up the neighborhood by providing dynamic street art for all to enjoy. You’ll discover the historic Beaux Arts Casino and Carousel buildings, as well as the magnificent Grand Arcade, located just north of the beautiful 1920s-era Convention Center in all its preserved glory.

These majestic structures are testaments to a time long gone and provide a glimpse into days when grandiose architecture was commonplace. Along the walls and in the abandoned Sunset Pavilion, situated at the northern end of the beach, visitors can find vibrant and emotive works of art. These pieces may be located in designated spots or simply on the sides of buildings; they are all part of Asbury’s unique art-music atmosphere. Whether they are bright and cheerful or dark and brooding, these works contribute to a truly remarkable experience.