West Side’s Treehouse Coffee opens village coffee shop

by newjerseyshores | Jul 13, 2023

Treehouse Coffee Shop
Credit: Facebook

West Side’s Treehouse Coffee Shop is moving into the Village. The cafe, which originally opened at 434A West Side Avenue back in 2016, just opened its second location at 205 Brunswick (between 7th and 8th Streets).

Treehouse first opened its West Side coffee shop back in September of 2019. They offer a mix of espresso-based drinks as well as drip coffee and cold brew. They also have a few unique options like a New Orleans Style Cold Brew as well as a Vietnamese Red Eye. The latter is a mix of cold brew, espresso, chicory vanilla brown sugar syrup, and cream.

In addition to coffee, Treehouse Coffee Shop also has a wide selection of pastries that range from croissants and brownies to cookies and scones. On weekends, they’re also known for having donuts.

Treehouse Coffee Shop is still in soft opening phase, but you can follow them on Instagram @TreehouseJC for a rundown of their store hours. They join the likes of Rabble & Lion and Kaffa Espresso Bar, which also have locations in the Village and are among the best cafes in Jersey City.

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