Whole Foods Jersey City — What we know so far (April 2023)

by newjerseyshores | Apr 8, 2023

Whole Foods Jersey CityNew signage has been installed at the forthcoming Whole Foods Jersey City on Washington Street and Columbus (also known as Harborside 4A). Work on the interior has also been ongoing, but there is still no estimated opening date for the Amazon-owned organic grocer. Jersey City Upfront has reached out to Whole Foods’ public relations for an opening date, but we’ve yet to hear back.

Harborside 4A is a 10-story building with a parking garage that spans seven stories. Whole Foods Jersey City will take up roughly 47,542 square feet of space from the complex, including the spaces formerly occupied by HopsScotch and Five Guys.

“Our neighborhood, and Jersey City as a whole, has been in need of a quality, organic grocer for some time now and we are very excited to be the ones to make that a reality,” said Mack-Cali SVP of Communications, Deidre Crockett.

The Amazon-owned grocer will also open its new Northeast headquarters in Jersey City. The two waterfront leases with Whole Foods total 94,940 square feet.

Whole Foods Jersey City updates
  • Some work has been done on the outside of the forthcoming Whole Foods, but much of the interior ground floor still appears untouched. (June 2022)
  • A small batch of job openings for the JC Whole Foods made a quick appearance on the Whole Foods careers website a few days ago. While most of the ads appear to have been taken down, it’s a hopeful sign of progress. (May 2022)
  • Construction is still ongoing at the forthcoming Whole Foods JC. What appears to be a pair of escalators can now be see inside the former HopsScotch space. (April 2022)
  • The first Whole Foods with cashierless technology opened in Washington, D.C., according to The Verge. The store uses Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” technology, which lets consumers shop the store without having to interact with anyone. We’ve reached out to Whole Foods to inquire if the Whole Foods JC location will carry this technology. (March 2022)
  • During a Reddit AMA, Ward E councilperson James Solomon noted that the Whole Foods in Jersey City will open in mid-2022. (November 2021)
  • Starting October 25, Amazon will add a $9.95 surcharge to all Whole Food deliveries made in Jersey City.
  • Construction at Whole Foods continues with no estimated opening date (August 2021)
  • HopsScotch signage was finally removed (May 2021)

Whole Foods Jersey City

Whole Foods Jersey City Opening Date

There is currently no estimated opening date for Whole Foods JC. We’ve reached out to Whole Foods’ public relations department on a few occasions, but have yet to receive a response from their team. That said, a reader informs us that the second floor cafe is near completion. Additionally, new lighting and drywall have been installed on the ground floor.

Jersey City residents who wish to shop from Whole Foods online can do so via Whole Foods’ website. However, be warned that a $9.99 convenience fee is now standard with all deliveries.

Amazon Slashes Prices at Whole Foods

In 2017, Amazon purchased Whole Foods for $13.4 billion. Immediately, the e-commerce giant lowered food prices in the hopes of shedding the upscale grocer’s “Whole Paycheck” image. Last April, Amazon lowered Whole Foods prices again with exclusive weekly deals for Amazon Prime members. (Prime membership costs $139/year and includes multiple perks in addition to Whole Foods discounts).

On any given week, Prime members can find a variety of deals at Whole Foods that range from seafood discounts to specials on local produce.

Whole Foods Jersey City and Amazon Go Grocery

Last year, Amazon debuted a new 10,000-square-foot Amazon Go Grocery store in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Unlike its regular Amazon Go stores, which house a variety of pastries, sandwiches, and snacks — the new Amazon Go Grocery Store houses over 5,000 products ranging from grass-fed beef to produce. The store has no cashiers, but instead features cameras and sensors that track your moves and purchases. It’s like a blend of Whole Foods and Amazon Go.

“There’s no plans to put this in a Whole Foods, for now,” Amazon Go’s vice president Dilip Kumar told tech blog Recode. However, there’s a high chance Amazon might incorporate its cashierless model into future Whole Foods markets, such as the one under construction in Jersey City. At the very least, we expect the new Whole Foods Jersey City to include a hub/area for deliveries (much like the one in Tribeca).

Whole Foods Jersey City rendering
Credit: Mack-Cali

Whole Foods Jersey City will join a handful of existing supermarkets in the downtown area including ShopRite, 99 Ranch Market, Sprove, and La Conga.

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