Asbury Park Dining Guide: Where To Eat

by newjerseyshores | Jun 27, 2023

Asbury Park is renowned as a preeminent American music city, renowned for its iconic boardwalk and the legendary Stone Pony, where The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, first launched his career.

woman eating at a restaurant

Today, visitors to the park can still experience great live shows on the boardwalk or in the very same venue that gave birth to one of America’s most beloved musical icons. It is an oasis, a paradise – stunning beaches and one of the most remarkable dining scenes on both the Shore and in the entire state.

Asbury Park offers a wide range of amazing restaurants that are sure to make your summer beach getaway even more enjoyable. From classic boardwalk favorites such as deep-fried Oreos and sausage & pepper sandwiches to genuine pizzerias, an Ethiopian restaurant, and a gourmet delicatessen with delicious sandwiches – the delectable cuisine here is sure to surpass your expectations.

Whether you’re looking for romantic dinners with breathtaking views or an exciting night out, this is the place to be. From classic seafood restaurants to modern bistros, there’s something for everyone on offer here. So don’t miss out on these seventeen top spots for dining in the area!

R Bar

This spot offers a variety of experiences that emulate the spirit of New Orleans. Enjoy fine dining in an upscale atmosphere, or relax with drinks on the laid-back outdoor patio. For a truly unique experience, head to the glass-enclosed bar and listen to live music while indulging in delectable charcuterie boards.

Located inside the former Cascada space, just off the bustling streets of Cookman Avenue and the iconic boardwalk, R Bar exudes an atmosphere that caters to locals instead of tourists – exactly what its proprietors had in mind. This hidden gem provides a haven for local residents to come together, socialize, and enjoy a quiet drink away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Dishes on the menu include Blue Crab Beignets, Cacio e Pepe Deviled Eggs, Shrimp Po Boy, seafood Gumbo, and three types of steak. Beverages available are a Bourbon Slushy and A La Louisiane which is made with rye whiskey, herbal liqueur, and anise liqueur.

The Black Swan Public House

James Avery, the much-loved local chef and proprietor of Bonney Read, welcomed customers to his British-style public house in 2021. This building holds a special place in history as President Woodrow Wilson used it as a summer office. Four distinct spaces await you, such as a pub with multiple TVs playing soccer and other sports, an upscale dining room, a romantic tea room, and the Vault – ideal for enjoying cocktails.

Diners will be able to enjoy tried-and-true dishes such as Scotch Egg, Fish and Chips, and Traditional Shepherd’s Pie. They can also accompany their meals with a Lavender Gin Fizz, Pimm’s Cup, or a glass of Guinness. At dawn, those who have been out all night can go back to the restaurant for their Grass-Fed Steak & Eggs, Full English Breakfast, and Corned Beef Hash to alleviate their hangovers.

Kimchi Mama Dalgona

This spot, which specializes in Korean cuisine and features a fast-casual atmosphere, used to be located in West Caldwell, Palisades Park, and Fair Lawn but has since shut down its operations at those locations. In March, Leslie Newport made her dream come true by opening up the first sit-down version of her business on Main Street in Asbury Park.

This new location offers customers an expanded menu featuring various items that will satisfy their hunger and desires. With this grand opening, Leslie is now able to provide customers with even more delicious options than ever before! Included in this selection are Hot Stone Bowls with crunchy rice and an assortment of proteins; Seafood Boils that feature Lobster, Snow Crab, and Crawfish; Cupbop dishes; plus Chicken, Pork, and Fish Katsu.

Ada’s Gojjo

Asbury Park was the fortunate recipient of Long Branch’s loss when chef Adanesh Ashghedom opened his Dominican/Ethiopian eatery here in 2018. How did he come to combine two vastly different cuisines? Despite their differences, Chef Adanesh inspiredly found a way to bring the flavors and cultures together for a unique culinary experience. Through careful study and experimentation, he was able to perfect an innovative menu that has been embraced by diners from both countries.

She was born in Ethiopia and is familiar with its cuisine, but since she had been making Dominican food while in Long Branch, she chose to offer both cuisines in her new business. Therefore, you will encounter a combination of Empanadas and Mofongo as well as Ye Siga Tibs (meat cooked with onions, peppers, garlic, and tomatoes) that accompanies house-made injera; Gomen (collard greens cooked with onion, ginger, garlic, and tomato); and Mesir Wot (split lentils stewed with onions, garlic, ginger & berbere spice). Believe us, it is effective.

Brando’s Citi Cucina

In New Jersey, there are two types of Italian eateries: the casual pizza places with Formica booths and beer pitchers and the more upscale restaurants featuring white-tablecloth dining rooms. Steven Botta, the proprietor of Brando’s, which is based in Brooklyn, would be classified under the second category, and this isn’t a negative. This is the perfect type of Italian restaurant for when you’re in need of a hearty, soul-soothing meal.

Their classic Meatball Insalata is sure to hit the spot, and their signature Gnocchi “Three Way” with Basil pesto and creamy Alfredo sauce will leave your taste buds satisfied. Not to mention they offer an impressive selection of six different types of veal dishes like Veal Chop Milanese or Stuffed Veal Chop – it’s truly hard to resist! Choose a bottle of wine to accompany your meal from the wide variety of selections on the wine list.

The Bonney Read

Are you a seafood aficionado? If so, this is the place for you. Come and feast your eyes on the raw bar selections before indulging in some delicious New England Clam Chowder. Your taste buds won’t be able to resist the mouth-watering Fisherman’s Fry that tantalizes with its delectable combination of calamari, shrimp, chile peppers, and kale blossoms. Whole Maine Lobster Rolls, Clams Casino, and Crab Cakes are all available here.

Those who are not partial to seafood can still enjoy the delicious Bonney Burger or the tasty Dry-Rubbed Spare Ribs and New York Strip Steak on offer. Cocktail enthusiasts can enjoy a range of options at this venue, such as the Frose or Milagro Frozen Margarita, beer, wine, rum flights, and even concocted cocktails like the Black Sails (rum, molasses bitters, and cola).

Cardinal Provisions

Asbury Park’s go-to spot for brunch, Cardinal Provisions, has it all – from Chicken & Waffles and Avocado Toast to Breakfast Burritos and Cacio e Pepe scrambled eggs. At this restaurant, you can have breakfast at any time of the day, and there are also vegan dishes, such as a fried Tofu Deluxe sandwich and three different vegan bowls. Treat yourself to the Birria Disco Fries adorned with a sunny-side-up egg, and don’t miss out on the weekend specials like the Short Rib Benny and Strawberry Rhubarb French Toast.

Frank’s Deli

For those looking for a classic deli sandwich in New Jersey, Frank’s is an iconic restaurant that has been around for over 60 years. Make sure to come hungry when you visit because their famous club sandwiches are known to be generously filled! You might even want to consider fasting beforehand to guarantee you can finish it all! If you choose to eat breakfast, be prepared to encounter an abundance of pork rolls on the menu.

There is a wide variety available, and it seems as though these tasty treats are becoming increasingly popular. A lot of people opt for them because they are easy to consume, yet they still provide a substantial amount of sustenance. Furthermore, their taste can easily be tailored to suit personal preferences.


Located in an elegant Victorian house that overlooks the picturesque lake that splits Asbury Park and Ocean Grove, Moonstruck has been a local favorite for 27 years. Combining upscale qualities with a casual atmosphere befitting the Jersey Shore, diners are treated to white tablecloths and servers dressed in smart ties.

With its unique blend of sophistication and relaxed vibes, it’s no wonder why so many people have returned to Moonstruck year after year. Split into multiple sections, this multi-story space with its wraparound porches offers plenty of options – you can indulge in the Mediterranean fare of pasta, seafood, and grilled meats or drop by for a glass of wine while enjoying the live piano music usually heard on the lower level.

Pascal & Sabine

Although you would likely not think of the Jersey Shore when thinking of French cuisine, an Asbury brasserie owned by the same people as Porta offers exquisite Parisian-style dishes. The sleek spot is a popular destination for brunch, but it also provides an array of delicious dinner and late-night menu items that are sure to please. With its top-notch offerings, this stylish establishment has become a go-to spot for both day and night dining.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a leisurely meal with family or friends or want to grab something quick after hours, the sleek spot is sure to satisfy your cravings. At this French bistro, you can anticipate enjoying classic dishes like French Onion Soup, Escargot, Moule Frites, and Steak Tartare. There are also caviar choices, plus some burgers with interesting toppings, such as the Mr. Smith Burger topped with raclette cheese and caramelized onions.

Pop’s Garage

You won’t be able to find a lot of taco trucks on Asbury Park’s beaches, but Pop’s Garage is the next best thing. With its beachfront location and amazing views, this boardwalk eatery gives you a taste of Mexican beach living without ever leaving New Jersey. Come here for a respite from the sun and sand! If you’re feeling extra hungry, the overstuffed burritos in Pollo, Carne Asada, Pescado, and more are definitely worth it for $4. The restaurant is available for breakfast until noon, featuring specialties such as the Jersey Boy sandwich comprised of pork roll and fried egg (a New Jersey delicacy) and the Breakfast Burrito with scrambled eggs.


This lively Neapolitan pizzeria and beer garden, offering a spacious outdoor patio, serves up wood-fired pizzas with deliciously crispy and blistered crusts. Each pizza is carefully crafted from house-made mozzarella cheese, San Marzano tomatoes, and classic Italian meat toppings, including succulent meatballs, zesty hot soppressata, and sweet Italian sausage. You can also order various salumi, salads, pasta dishes, and seafood specialties at this restaurant.

The bar offers an extensive selection of libations for those who enjoy craft cocktails. At brunch time, you won’t want to miss out on their signature Eggs in Purgatory served with ricotta salata or the delicious Cannoli French Toast. On weekends, it is not uncommon to find live music and dance parties happening at this lively spot!


A hit from the start, Barrio Costero’s Middle Eastern eatery opened in 2018 with an array of small plates such as Turkish Hummus, Artichoke hearts cooked on the grill with white Asparagus, and a fabulous combination of green falafel and spicy baba ganoush. Customers can find Lamb Burger and Bao Buns on the Street Food menu.

The menu offers larger plates such as the Octopus with lavender syrup and Chicken with couscous dumplings, for those looking for a more substantial meal. To finish the meal, there is an array of delicious desserts, including the Mousse, accompanied by macerated berries and a side of moist banana bread.

Salvation At The Asbury

Head over to the Asbury, the hippest hotel in town, at sunset for unbeatable views and a nightlife experience like no other. Make your way up to Salvation, one of the best rooftops around, where you can enjoy delicious drinks such as the Jalapeño Margarita or Asbury No. 1, made with tequila and watermelon juice.

With bubbly, beer, wine, and craft cocktails all on offer, you won’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity! If you require something to eat, this place offers three choices: a Fromage + Charcuterie board; Pizza Selection with cheese, pepperoni, buffalo chicken, pesto, and spicy; and Hummus + Pita. However, the focus here is more on the atmosphere and beverages.


This deli, which touts itself as a “gourmet” eatery, has become a popular sight on Instagram for its towering (and often filtered) meals. Along with their well-known dishes like the Ol’ Steak Sang-Gweech – an ode to the classic Philly Cheesesteak – and The General, fashioned after General Tso’s Chicken sandwiched between sticky rice buns, there is also the Down-N-Out burger that pays homage to In-N-Out.

If you’re looking for some milder sandwiches, they have those too, and a variety of salads. Additionally, be sure to check their Instagram for any daily specials.


This swanky eatery is the second branch of the famous Montclair joint, and it serves those who are famished and still a bit tipsy from their night out in Asbury Park on Saturdays and Sundays. The pancakes here are a specialty, with flavors like Red Velvet, Buttermilk, Carrot Cake, and more.

The Challah French Toast is an excellent option if you have a sweet tooth. The menu offers a wide range of classic American dishes, such as build-your-own burgers, various sandwiches, and egg dishes like omelets, scrambles, and the Irish Eggs Benedict with corned beef hash.


Asbury Park is renowned for having some of the finest pizzas on the East Coast. Talula’s stands out from the traditional Italian-American pizzerias in New Jersey, such as Vic’s in Bradley Beach or Pete & Elda’s in Neptune City. This modern and industrial eatery serves up sourdough pizzas with delicious toppings like fresh mozzarella, house-made fennel pork sausage, and pickled cherry peppers that are all prepared onsite.

At this restaurant, you’ll discover a range of toasts, seasonal salads, sandwiches, home-baked treats, and natural Italian vintages. Vegans are especially well looked after here with the selection of cashew-almond ricotta and house-made vegan mozzarella.