Fishing and Boating in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

by newjerseyshores | Oct 7, 2023

Point Pleasant Beach offers the ultimate experience for fishing fanatics! With beaches, rivers, canals, and lakes, you can get different species of fish in one area!

fishing and boating in point pleasant beach, nj

What’s great about this area is there’s fish & wildlife from spring until winter. You can even get private fishing charters and go deep-sea fishing.

If this sounds good, read on to learn more about fishing and boating in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ!

Fishing Regulations at Point Pleasant Beach

Point Pleasant Beach is a paradise for game fish, which is why there are many regulations to follow. Of course, the regulations are specific to each fish.

For instance, there’s no closed season for striped bass within three miles of the shore. Meanwhile, tuna species are protected. This means hardcore anglers must report the occasional tuna landing.

Before going on a fishing adventure, you must get a fishing license from the NJ Saltwater Recreational Registry.

Also, don’t forget to do your research on the fishing grounds!

Where to Fish at Point Pleasant Beach

Because of all the choices and types of fishing, it’s hard to decide which fishing spot you should go to.

Here are some of the most popular locations for catching the biggest fish!

Manasquan Inlet Wall

Manasquan inlet wall is a great spot for catching blackfish and striped bass.

It’s where the river and Atlantic Ocean meet, and the inshore waters make it ideal for small boat fishing.

Point Pleasant Canal

Point Pleasant Canal is a man-made channel that connects Barnegat Bay to the Manasquan River.

It’s perfect for crabbing and shore fishing. You can catch striped bass and bluefish here!

Raritan Bay

Keyport in Raritan Bay holds an annual snapper contest. There’s also the yearly Perth Amboy Derby Fishing.

However, you can come here anytime to catch striped bass, bluefish, and black sea bass!

Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook is a barrier expanding over 2,000 acres of beach on the Jersey Shore. It’s home to shipwrecks, coral reefs, and rock formations.

Because of all the hiding places, fish are plentiful here. You can catch blackfish, flounder, cod, and striped bass. Moreover, if you do charter fishing, you might encounter tuna!

Lake Riviera

For those who don’t want to try charter fishing, Lake Riviera is for you! This small lake is famous for its largemouth bass, catfish, and pickerel.

Fishing and Boating Charters at Point Pleasant Beach

Point Pleasant fishing charters are popular among game fishermen. You can rent a boat and its entire crew for a day fishing trip!

Here are some of the best charter boats in the area.

  • Jordi Sport Fishing & Charters: Jordi Sort Fishing & Charters is a common choice among the Point Pleasant fishing boats. It makes a daily trip to an area where you can catch mahi mahi in the late summer.
  • Bug Sport Fishing Boat: Bug Sport Fishing caters to people who need plenty of space for fishing gear. The private charters are a bit expensive, but they’re worth it.
  • Queen Mary Party Boats and Fishing Charter: This company has a selection of party boats to catch striped bass. You may even see a whale on one of your game fishing trips!

Other Boating Charters

Aside from deep-sea fishing charters, you can rent boats to soak up the summer heat. Point Pleasant has river cruises and sailing boats available for you.

Other water activities include windsurfing and parasailing!

Fishing and Boating

Point Pleasant has an abundance of lakes, rivers, beaches, and bays. Because of this, there are a variety of fish in the area.

For those who love game fishing, you can charter a boat to take you out for deep-sea fishing. Others can rent small boats or stay on the shore.

Whatever the case, you’ll surely enjoy fishing and boating in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ!