Events and Festivals in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

by newjerseyshores | Oct 9, 2023

As a cultural haven, Point Pleasant Beach hosts fun, lively festivals and events all year round. 

events and festivals

From music fests, seafood festivals, and sports events to various local shows and live bands, the bay avenues are filled with good cheer and laughter throughout the year. Apart from that, there are also local events that support social rights and good causes.

That said, some of the most anticipated events and festivals in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, are the seafood festival and Oktoberfest. Check this guide to learn more about these festivities, including the calendar of events.

Popular Events and Festivals at Point Pleasant Beach

Here are some of the much-awaited events in this Jersey Shore borough that you shouldn’t miss:

Annual Festival of the Sea

Thousands of tourists from across the country would gather at Point Pleasant Beach’s downtown area every September to try delectable seafood items from local restaurants.

Enjoy a variety of seafood dishes inspired by the area’s rich culinary tradition, like lobster rolls, crab cakes, grilled shrimp, and more!

Aside from the massive seafood selection, live performances, games, and other recreational activities around Arnold and Bay avenues attract large crowds. They also hold a 5k race event.

The Project Matters Summer Festival

This music fest fundraiser is sponsored by The Project Matters, a non-profit organization that supports musicians and music education.

Jam to various musical performances and local artists in this September end-of-summer event. 

Pickleball League

If you’re a sports fan, you’ll enjoy the Pickleball league that runs from May throughout the -ber months. 

The event organizers are the members of the Point Pleasant Beach Recreation Committee, and the event will take place in the courts of Pleasure Park.

Tickets start at $25 for the entire season.

Weekly Fireworks Shows

End a fun-filled night with a dazzling fireworks show! Jenkinson’s Boardwalk’s weekly fireworks display is a must-see if you’re hanging around the coast.

The Fireworks display takes place every Thursday at 9 p.m., and many families and friends would gather and marvel at the view.

Aside from the fireworks display, there are plenty of sightseeing and activities you can do around the area.

You can visit the Jenkinson’s aquarium and see magical mermaids perform. If you’re hungry for fun and adventure, the arcades and prestigious rides in their amusement park are worth trying.

Rock for Awareness

This annual music festival by the event organizer, Nicholas Hudanish Foundation, aims to raise awareness and support against addiction. 

Enjoy nights filled with food and live band performances at Point Pleasant Beach’s Community Park. There are also activities for the kids, so bringing your family is a fantastic idea.

St. Peter PTA Craft Festival

Point Pleasant is known for its rich heritage in arts and craftsmanship. If you’re seeking a wholesome experience while supporting local vendors, artisans, and crafters, the St. Peter PTA Craft Festival should be on your list. 

Held at Saint Peter School’s school grounds, the annual crafts fair features locals’ unique works and art pieces, such as clay pieces and decorations made with sustainable materials. 

The event’s primary goal is to support local artists and crafters by promoting the sale of high-quality crafts. 

Visit These Events and Festivals in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Point Pleasant Beach hosts various events and annual festivities, including music festivals, sports leagues, and food fests. 

You can also enjoy weekly fireworks shows and craft festivals that support local artists. 

The Festival of the Sea is the most celebrated annual event, attracting thousands of tourists across the United States with its flavorful seafood dishes.