Top Things to Do at Point Pleasant Beach, NJ Boardwalk

by newjerseyshores | Oct 5, 2023

Are you searching for beautiful beaches along the Jersey Shore for your next holiday? Look no further!

a group of people walking around a Point Pleasant Beach, NJ Boardwalk

Also known as Jenkinson’s Boardwalk, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ Boardwalk, is a mile-long stretch and a hidden gem with plenty of weekend activities.

Aside from swimming, you can enjoy the amusement park, play at the arcades, and visit the aquarium. Point Pleasant Beach is truly a must-visit whenever you’re in Ocean County!

What You Should Know Before Going to Ocean County

Boardwalks on the Jersey Shore offer complete amenities so you can relax and enjoy your trip. That said, you need to come prepared.

Here are details you may want to know about Point Pleasant Beach and Jenkinson’s Boardwalk!

Getting to Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk

Jenkinson’s Boardwalk is at 300 Ocean Avenue, Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. It’s at a convenient location, just an hour away from NYC. You may drive or take the Ocean County bus and train.

If you’re from the north, you’ll head to Route 35 North and turn right at Broadway. Next, follow Broadway until you reach Ocean Avenue. Turn right here, and keep driving for a ½ mile until you reach Jenkinson’s Amusement Park.

For people from the south, you’ll head to Route 35 North and make a right turn at Arnold Avenue. From here, keep driving until you reach Ocean Ave.


Jenkinson’s Boardwalk has five large parking lots with flat rates. Street parking is also available. However, it can still get full during the summer months.

It’s best to get there early, so you won’t have trouble parking!

Point Pleasant Beach Accessibility

Jenkinson’s has a composite boardwalk that’s smoother than wood. This makes it accessible to strollers and wheelchairs.

To add to this, there are wheelchairs, electric scooters, wheelchairs, and even double strollers you can rent for cheap.

Beach chairs are everywhere, so the elderly can rest as they make their way around Point Pleasant Beach.

8 Must-Try Activities at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk

When going to the Jersey Shore, Pleasant Beach should be on your list. It has unique attractions, delicious food, and amazing views.

Here are the top activities in one of Atlantic City’s best beach day destinations!

  1. Get the Full Beach Experience

Jenkinson’s Beach, or Point Pleasant Beach, is one of the most pristine along the Jersey Shore. The water is clear, and the waves are calm enough for children to swim in.

The beach is a few feet from the boardwalk, and you don’t have to walk far to get there.

It’s open from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and for safety purposes, you can only swim if there’s a lifeguard on duty.

Try Your Hand at Mini-Golf

There are two mini-golf courses on Point Pleasant Beach.

Located at the south end of the boardwalk, the Lighthouse Point Miniature Golf Club has state-of-the-art courses you’ll love. It features a miniature lighthouse, water features, and a snack bar.

Meanwhile, the Castaway Cove mini-golf course is a shipwreck with plenty of plant life. It has waterfalls, caves, and great aerial views!

Get on the Amusement Park Rides

The Point Pleasant Amusement Park has all the family-friendly rides you can think of.

A large amusement park portion has kiddie rides, and your kids will surely enjoy a trip to Point Pleasant Beach.

What’s more, there are roller coasters, bumper cars, and swing rides for adults. Of course, don’t forget to get on the train and try the Seven Seas Moby Dick ride!

Visit the Aquarium

One of the best places to go in Ocean County is the Jenkinson’s Aquarium. Located near the edge of Point Pleasant Beach, it features various wildlife you’ll want to see.

There are seals, sharks, exotic fish, and even rainforest animals. Make sure you visit the penguins during their feeding times!

Play at the Arcade

Point Pleasant Beach is home to the South Beach Arcade, Pavilion Arcade, South Arcade, and Frank’s Fun Center.

It doesn’t matter if you like the classics, like slot machines and cranes, or if you prefer the latest video games. You’ll surely enjoy playing at the many arcades!

Challenge Yourself at the Rope Course

The Adventure Lookout Ropes Course is one of the unique and thrilling attractions of Point Pleasant Beach.

There’s a zip line and a challenging course with a peak of 36 feet. In fact, you can see a great view of the ocean from the top!

However, remember to wear the appropriate clothing, or you might not get to enter.

Get Lost in the Fun House

Point Pleasant Beach has a fun house with mazes, revolving tunnels, illusions, and distorted mirrors.

Maneuvering through the moving floors and echo chambers will be a memorable experience for the family!

Visit the Gift Shops

For those who prefer retail therapy, there’s a gift shop, a sweets shop, and a boutique. There are many options for buying souvenirs for your trip to the Jersey Shore!

A great tip is to buy the Emusement Card online so you can go cashless as you walk around Point Pleasant Beach.

Other Activities to Try at Point Pleasant Beach

Aside from the abundant frozen custard and funnel cake, Jenkinson’s Boardwalk is home to delicious restaurants, tiki bars, and cafés.

You may want to try fishing and boating or check out the beach after hours. The nightlife scene around Point Pleasant Beach is one of the best in Ocean County!

Be sure to check for special events that’ll make your trip worthwhile.

IThings to Do at Point Pleasant Beach, NJ Boardwalk

The Point Pleasant Beach, NJ Boardwalk is one of the must-visit vacation spots of Ocean County.

You can get the full beach experience, visit the aquarium, and enjoy the amusement park. The rope course and mini-golf areas offer unique experiences.

Moreover, it’s near NYC, and it’s accessible to wheelchairs and strollers. Because of these, we’re sure you’ll have an awesome time at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk!