Where Is Point Pleasant Beach, NJ?

by newjerseyshores | Oct 1, 2023

Home to rich culture, breathtaking natural landmarks, and vibrant coastlines, New Jersey is a popular summer destination and entertainment hub. 

point pleasant beach NJ on shore

One of the well-known destinations in the Garden State is Point Pleasant Beach, a coastal town that boasts crystalline waters and clean shores. At the same time, the coastal town is famous for its annual Seafood festival, visited by thousands of patrons across the United States.

The Ocean County beach also houses amusement parks, recreational studios, aquariums, and diverse dining experiences. 

But where is Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, and how accessible is it?

This cultural haven lies along the eastern coast of Ocean County, around 60 miles south of its neighboring state, New York. The Ocean County beach is easily accessible through land transportation and takes one to three hours of travel time from nearby areas. 

Learn how to get to the popular beach haven, its most-visited locations, and fun activities you shouldn’t miss.

Where Is Point Pleasant Beach and How Easy Is It to Get There?

Point Pleasant Beach is in the Point Pleasant borough of Ocean County, New Jersey, United States. It spans one mile along the Jersey Shore, facing the Atlantic Ocean. 

The beach lies south of New York City, bordering the town of Bay Head from the South. It’s a 47-minute drive from the state’s capital city, Trenton. 

What I love most about this coastal town is its prime location, making land travel a breeze. Whether you plan to drive or take public transportation by bus or train, getting to Point Pleasant Beach is accessible for those from the north or south.

The area is only seven minutes away from the nearest train station. If you’re coming from New York City, the fastest train route will take approximately three hours. 

Meanwhile, the closest bus stop is only a minute away from the location. 

How Far Is Point Pleasant Beach From Popular Destinations in New Jersey?

It takes around 15 minutes of travel from Point Pleasant Beach to Brick Township, a Jersey Shore town known for its picturesque waterfront views, palm trees, and diverse communities.   

Meanwhile, Point Pleasant Beach is almost an hour away from Princeton University, one of the most prestigious universities in the United States.

Consequently, the Ocean County beach town is more than 40 minutes away from Atlantic City, an Ocean County beach popular for its four-mile Boardwalk—one of the most visited places in the country. It’s 20 minutes away from the famous Asbury Park, too. 

Additionally, Point Pleasant Beach is an hour and 30 minutes drive from Cape May, a historical landmark famous for its vast Victorian houses and extreme water sports activities.

What Is Point Pleasant Beach Known For?

Apart from its reputation as a clean beach town with soft sand, the Ocean County beach is widely known for its lively coastal lifestyle and relaxing beach landscapes. 

There are also private beach resorts, pizza joints, boardwalk stores, and beach clubs all over the place. 

Here are more reasons why Point Pleasant Beach is ever famous:

Annual Festival of the Sea

This seafood fest is held throughout Ocean County. It happens every September with over 200 participating local vendors and restaurants serving delectable seafood dishes. There are also live bands, games, and exciting beach activities.

Thousands of patrons visit the annual event from across the United States.

Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk

The Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk is filled with many sights and attractions—one of them is Jenkinson’s Boardwalk. 

Jenkinson’s Boardwalk is one of the most-visited spots along Ocean County’s Jersey shore, with its arcades, gift shops, and gut-wrenching amusement rides. There are lots of boardwalk games and activities that individuals of all ages can enjoy.

It’s also home to delectable food and dessert, and the Victorian ice cream parlor is a must-try. 

Miniature Golf Course

There are mini golf courses built along the boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach featuring different themes like shipwrecks. That said, these mini golf courses are unlike the typical ones. 

You’ll enjoy different whimsical themes and game twists, plus the refreshing ocean view by this Ocean County shore. 

Antique Shops and Art Galleries

Bay, Trenton, and Arnold Avenues are a haven for art enthusiasts and collectors. 

If you enjoy marveling at unique art installations from local and international artists, you’ll enjoy the curated art displays at Angry Fish Gallery and Jim Inzero Gallery.

There are also public art installations depicting significant events in the history of the United States around the area.

Meanwhile, if vintage furniture and antiques are your thing, you’ll enjoy Canvas House Antiques and Design Center or Point Pavilion Antique Center.


The Ocean County destination is well-known for its lustrous nightlife. It has bars, nightclubs, pubs, and grills. 

Whether you’re in the mood for a chill night out, live music and dancing, or a laid-back bar experience with a view, there are plenty of establishments around the beach. 


There’s no doubt that New Jersey is one of the best culinary centers in the United States, and Point Pleasant Beach is no exception.

From tasty seafood options, local dishes, and Asian fusion restaurants to Western-style food and Mediterranean dishes, the Ocean County township is a plethora of international cuisines.

Things to Do at Point Pleasant Beach

Satiate your hunger for adventure and extremes—at Point Pleasant Beach, you’ll never run out of fun and thrilling activities all summer. 

Some beach activities you’ll enjoy around the beach are parasailing, party boat fishing, and Aquarium sightseeing. 

Many tourists also enjoy kayaking, boat sailing, and paddleboarding. You also shouldn’t miss the breathtaking view of the beach at sunset. 

Wrapping Up

Point Pleasant Beach sits in Ocean County along the Jersey Shore, above Bay Head. This destination is famous for its beautiful beaches and lush palm trees. 

You can ride the Ocean County bus or train to this popular beach destination. The beach town is only 20 minutes away from Asbury Park and around three hours away from New York City. 

With New Jersey being a well-known cultural haven in the United States, Point Pleasant Beach is home to diverse communities, lively nightlife, and delicious cuisines.