Asbury Park Fun Guide: Top Activities And Attractions

by newjerseyshores | Apr 18, 2023

Looking For Things To Do In Asbury Park, NJ?

At Asbury Park, one of the most distinctive beach towns in New Jersey, there are countless activities for people of all ages to enjoy – no matter what time of year it is. From outings to the boardwalk and nearby amusement parks to more relaxed experiences like fishing, kayaking, and swimming at the beach, we have you covered with a list of our favorite places and things to do in this amazing destination.

Asbury Park boardwalk

The Silverball Museum

Visiting this remarkable location is like taking an incredible journey back in time. With more than two hundred pinball machines from the 1950s to the 1980s, it’s the perfect spot for a nostalgic gaming experience. But even if you don’t feel like playing, there are plenty of classic films playing on large screens to enjoy.

It’s truly an awesome place that will leave you feeling immersed in days gone by. In addition to the bar and restaurant, there is an abundance of craft beer selections that make for a great accompaniment to the delicious food available.

From IPAs to stouts, you will surely find something that satisfies your taste buds. The menu offers a wide variety of options for all types of food lovers, so whether you are looking for a light snack or a full meal, there is something sure to please. With its diverse selection and cozy atmosphere, it’s no wonder why this establishment has become such a popular spot!

Asbury Lanes

If you are searching for an exciting and energetic activity, why not try out bowling at Asbury Lanes? It is sure to provide an enjoyable experience as well as a great way to have some fun with friends or family. Even if you have never bowled before, Asbury Lanes provides all the necessary equipment and supplies needed for a successful game.

This bowling alley is far from ordinary; it has been transformed into an exciting and unique combination of a music venue and a bowling alley. Here, you can enjoy a fun game of bowling while listening to live musical performances! It’s truly an innovative experience – combining the timeless excitement of bowling with the joys of listening to great music. So come on down and enjoy some quality time together while having a blast!

Stone Pony & The Asbury Park Music Scene

The Stone Pony, a renowned and venerated music venue in New Jersey, has been a staple of the music scene since 1974. A place of musical pilgrimage for artists and fans alike, it is recognized as one of the most iconic venues in the state. Over its long history, it has served as a stage for some of the most famous names in music – from Bruce Springsteen to Bon Jovi – and countless other beloved performers. It continues to be an integral part of New Jersey’s vibrant culture today.

If you’re not usually a fan of live music, it is still worth visiting this landmark venue. If you’re lucky enough to be there at the right time, you can experience one of their outdoor concerts and possibly see your favorite musical artist in action. It’s an opportunity that no music lover should pass up!

If you’re not a fan of the performing band and would prefer to listen to some great music, why not visit the rooftop bar at The Watermark for just five dollars? You can relish an evening full of entertainment from the comfort of this scenic location, without any need to break the bank.

Don’t feel like going out to listen to a live band tonight?

Don’t worry, because there is another way for you to have a great evening! Make your way over to the legendary Convention Hall and stop off at Anchors Bend – the popular beach bar. There, you can sit back and relax in the sand with an ice-cold beverage of your choice. Of course, if hot drinks are more your style then we won’t judge, but we definitely suggest that you opt for something chilled on this warm summer night!

Paramount Theatre

The Paramount Theatre is an iconic and well-known landmark in Asbury Park. It is a historic venue that has been home to diverse events, including musical concerts, comedy shows, dance performances, and other cultural activities. If you’re planning on visiting this vibrant city by the sea, it’s definitely worth checking out their event calendar to see what’s happening while you’re in town.

From world-class entertainment to exciting nights of fun, The Paramount Theatre offers something for everyone who visits this beautiful destination.

Does Asbury Park, NJ, have a boardwalk?

Yes, there is a beautiful boardwalk in Asbury Park, NJ. This spectacular boardwalk extends along the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean and provides awe-inspiring views of its sparkling waters. Visitors can explore this charming boardwalk and admire the breathtaking scenery that surrounds it.

Whether you’re looking for some fun or just to enjoy the serenity, this picturesque boardwalk has something to offer everyone. This lovely shore town offers a wonderful boardwalk for walking, running, and simply enjoying the sights. It’s a great place to relax and take in the fresh ocean air.

Asbury Park’s center of attention is the Boardwalk.

The boardwalk in Asbury Park is a hot spot for locals and visitors alike; it’s the city’s most frequented destination. People can be seen walking, shopping, and dining along the lively waterfront promenade on any given day.

It features an array of unique establishments as well as traditional beachfront eateries, retail shops, and attractions that draw people from near and far to take advantage of the sun-soaked beaches and fun atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or something exciting to do, the boardwalk has it all! So come on down and explore this charming seaside town!

When does the Asbury Park Boardwalk open?

It is essential that you follow the rules regarding biking when using the boardwalk, which is available from sunrise to sunset every day. Cyclists must dismount and push their bikes along the boardwalk, as cycling is strictly prohibited between 10 am and midnight.

From May 16 to September 14, dogs are strictly forbidden from accessing the Asbury Park Boardwalk. During this time period, canine companions must be kept away from the area and must not be allowed to roam freely. It is imperative that all pet owners obey this restriction in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone visiting the boardwalk during these months.

When is Asbury Park Beach open?

During the warm Summer months, Asbury Park Beach is open and staffed with lifeguards, who are there to ensure that swimmers are safe. If for any reason there are no lifeguards on duty at the beach, swimming is strictly prohibited due to safety concerns. It is important that visitors adhere to this rule in order to protect themselves and others from potential harm.

Every Summer, the beach usually opens for a period of time from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend, typically running from 9 am to 6 pm. However, it is important to always check for and observe any posted signs indicating different hours or regulations that may be in effect at the beach.

What exit is Asbury Park, NJ?

Located in Monmouth County, New Jersey, Asbury Park is easily accessible via the Garden State Parkway, which can be accessed at exit 100. If you’re traveling from either New York City or Philadelphia to this popular seaside destination, it will typically take approximately 90 minutes of driving time if traffic is light. Check out directions here.