Craft Breweries, Wineries, And Distilleries In Asbury Park, NJ, And Nearby Cities

by newjerseyshores | Mar 27, 2023

New Jersey boasts a wide range of Craft Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries located in various cities and towns across the state. Traveling along the Jersey Shore, from Asbury Park to Atlantic City, you will discover an abundance of unique and varied craft beverage establishments.

From cozy pubs and bustling breweries to chic wineries and lively distilleries, there is something for everyone’s taste in the Garden State. This demonstrates the sheer number of places where Craft Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries aficionados can find locally brewed suds. With so many options to choose from throughout these states, it is no wonder why the Craft Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries movement have been thriving here for many years.

Check out the craft breweries, wineries, and distilleries in Asbury Park, NJ, and nearby cities.

Asbury Park Distilling Company

Located in Asbury Park’s historic downtown business district is the city’s first and only distillery since prohibition, providing patrons with an array of distinguished hand-crafted spirits. The production facility and tasting room are situated in the center of Asbury Park, providing a unique experience for visitors who wish to sample some of its exclusive beverages.

With an emphasis on creating top-notch spirits that reflect Asbury Park’s vibrant atmosphere, this local distillery has become a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike.

The Asbury Park Distilling Company is equipped with the highest quality of equipment, allowing them to produce an exquisite range of vodka and gin. Furthermore, they are looking into expanding their spirits collection in the near future. For those wishing to sample their products, the distillery’s tasting room is open from Thursday until Sunday.

Location: 527 Lake Avenue Asbury Park, NJ 07712 (0.5 Miles, 11 minutes away from Asbury Park via Emory St and Asbury Ave)

Beach Haus Brewery

Beach Haus Brewery can be found nestled in the heart of downtown Belmar, New Jersey – just a few steps away from the bustling train station and idyllic Belmar Beach. This popular brewery offers up an impressive selection of craft beers that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning beer connoisseur. Whether you’re looking for a casual drink with friends or planning a special night out, Beach Haus Brewery is the perfect spot to enjoy quality brews and good company.

Originally, in June 1950, Freedman’s Bakery opened its doors to the public – a site that would eventually undergo a transformation more than sixty years later. In February 2014, Beach Haus Brewery began the process of converting this iconic bakery into an impressive 30-barrel brew house, breathing new life and purpose into the location. After months of intensive and laborious construction, on the first day of March 2015, Beach Haus Brewery proudly opened its doors to the public for the very first time.

In October 2020, Beach Haus Brewery was pleased to acquire a liquor license which enabled them to broaden their offerings significantly and offer customers food as well as a full bar.

This momentous event marked an important milestone in the brewery’s history and was celebrated with great enthusiasm by all involved. The new license meant that patrons could now enjoy a complete dining experience along with the craft beers they had come to know and love from Beach Haus Brewery.

The impressive facility of Beach Haus Brewery offers visitors a grand second-floor taproom with an expansive patio, accompanied by an inviting downstairs bar. Additionally, a cozy dining room provides the perfect atmosphere for enjoying the wide selection of 15-20 rotating beers on tap, as well as spirits, wine, and delectable food items crafted by their talented executive chef. Visitors can also look forward to an upcoming rooftop deck that will serve as the ultimate addition to their already remarkable space.

Location: 801 Main St, Belmar, NJ 07719, USA (3 Miles, 7 minutes away from Asbury Park via Memorial Dr)

Climax Brewing Company

Established in Roselle Park, NJ in 1996, Climax Brewing Company is the oldest active brewery in New Jersey. The brewery was founded from the dream of one ardent home-brewing enthusiast who brought to life a desire for creating craft beer.

On February 27th of that same year, the inaugural batch of An Extra Special Bitter (ESB) was brewed and served with great success. This marked the beginning of an amazing journey for Climax Brewing Company, which continues to this day.

After two years of intense dedication and tireless effort, Dave Hoffman, accompanied by his father Kurt Hoffman, finally witnessed their ambition come to fruition. After all of their hard work and perseverance, the Hoffmann’s celebrated as their dream became a reality.

Climax Brewing Company’s beers, brewed exclusively for private tastings and events, have been highly praised by renowned beer and whiskey expert Michael Jackson as well as other avid beer lovers. Dave, the brewer at Climax, has also achieved significant recognition in homebrewing circles with many of his creations winning awards.

The primary goal of Climax Brewing Company is to be the leading producer of genuine beer and ale styles in New Jersey. In addition, they strive to restore the venerated art of local brewing, a practice that was commonplace in many municipalities prior to being taken over by larger companies and forced into closure.

The Climax Brewing Company has acquired the services of a stainless-steel fabricator based in New Jersey to create custom-made equipment for their brewing operations, based on an original design by Dave Hoffmann.

The result of this collaboration is an array of deliciously handcrafted beers, lagers, and ales that are now available in kegs and quarter kegs at some of the best taverns, restaurants, and liquor stores throughout New Jersey.

Climax Brewing Company is conveniently located in the center of Jersey, allowing them to effectively meet and exceed the expectations of local beer enthusiasts. With their central position, they can quickly and easily fulfill the desires of all beer drinkers in the area without having to worry about long distances or transportation difficulties.

Consequently, Climax Brewing Company is well-positioned to provide a premier selection of beers for everyone who loves craft brews from around the Garden State.

The Climax Brewing Company offers tours to visitors and collectors of memorabilia alike. Brewery enthusiasts can explore the facility and learn about the brewing process while also having access to a wide array of Climax breweriana – anything from vintage signs to beer glasses and more.

Location: 112 Valley Road Roselle Park, New Jersey 07204 USA (41 Miles, 40 Minutes away from Asbury Park via Garden State Pkwy S)

Nauti Spirits

Nestled on a sprawling sixty-acre farm situated between the vast Atlantic Ocean and the tranquil Delaware Bay, Nauti Spirits Distillery specializes in crafting artisan spirits with locally sourced ingredients harvested from nearby farms.

These handcrafted libations are masterfully concocted with only the finest of components, thereby ensuring that each sip is unique and memorable. The facility boasts a comprehensive tour, giving visitors the opportunity to explore and discover its inner workings.

There is also a Tasting Room and Bottle Shop, where guests can sample a wide selection of drinks crafted with fresh ingredients made onsite every day. In addition, skilled mixologists create innovative cocktails that are sure to tantalize the taste buds of even the most discerning drinker.

Location: 916 Shunpike Rd, Cape May, NJ 08204 USA (108 Miles, 1 Hr and 42 minutes away from Asbury Park via Garden State Pkwy)

7 Mile Brewery

Seven Mile Brewing Co., a family-owned and operated business, is situated in the vibrant coastal town of Ballina, blessed with abundant sunshine. It has been owned by the same family for generations and continues to offer an array of craft beers brewed on-site using specially selected ingredients. Their beer selection ranges from light ales to dark stouts, all created with passion and care.

From its establishment in sunny Ballina, Seven Mile Brewing Co. has become renowned for its quality hand-crafted brews that satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. If you’re searching for craft beer near Byron Bay, 7 Mile Brewery is your best bet.

Situated just 25 minutes away down the highway, this brewery puts a sincere and passionate focus on local produce as well as the community surrounding it. Their commitment to delivering only the freshest ingredients guarantees that each sip of their delicious beers will be an experience like no other.

Seven Mile Brewery recently debuted with an initial selection of three beers, however, this variety will be expanded in the coming months to encompass six or more different types. This expansion is intended to give customers a greater selection of flavors and styles to choose from, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Location: 3156 Route 9 South, Rio Grande, New Jersey 08242 USA (102 Miles, 1 Hr, and 42 Minutes away from Asbury Park via Garden State Pkwy)

Backward Flag Brewing Company

After a significant period of time spent in the Army, Torie Fisher decided to take up a new hobby and turn it into a meaningful lifestyle. With guidance from an acquaintance within her unit, she learned the art of brewing beer, quickly discovering an intense enthusiasm for craft beer and subsequently starting to homebrew.

When the ideal moment had arrived, she made up her mind to launch a brewery in Forked River, NJ and thus Backward Flag Brewing Company was established.

She had been planning for this new venture for quite some time and the realization of her ambition filled her with immense joy and satisfaction. The opening of Backward Flag Brewing Company marked an important milestone in the history of Forked River, NJ as it provided locals with freshly brewed beer right at their doorstep.

In September 2015, she proudly opened the doors to her brewery and began dispensing the delicious beer that so many have come to know and adore. Commencing with a modest 2BBL (62 gallons) system, it did not take long for word of her craftsmanship to spread, thus resulting in the brewing up of increased demand for her beer.

After enduring numerous weekends of being closed due to the depletion of beer, she was determined to make an upgrade in 2018 to a 10BBL (310 gallons) brewing system.

This was done so that she could continue to provide her beloved customers with the beers they had grown accustomed to enjoying. Backward Flag Brewery Company’s commitment remains unwavering in ensuring that all of your favorite brews remain available for you, no matter what!

Location: Challenger Way, Lacey Township, NJ 08731, USA (34.9 Miles, 38 Minutes away from Asbury Park via Garden State Pkwy)