Getting To Asbury Park: Transportation Options

by newjerseyshores | Jun 27, 2023

Located just a mere ninety minutes away from both New York City and Philadelphia, Asbury Park is easily accessible with both public and private transportation services.

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Traveling to the vibrant city has been made incredibly convenient, allowing visitors to take advantage of the many attractions it offers without having to worry about how they will get there. Consequently, the short drive makes Asbury Park an ideal destination for those who want to explore all that the urban area has to offer.

The Asbury Park Transportation Center, situated at the intersection of Main Street and Cookman Avenue, offers convenient access to a variety of mass transit options. Located in the heart of this dynamic city, it serves as a gateway for commuters as well as an important hub for public transportation that is widely used throughout the region.

People from all walks of life come here to take advantage of its many services, which include buses, trains, and shuttles that can take them to their desired destinations. The center also provides ample parking space for those who need it. With its strategic location and comprehensive range of services, the Asbury Park Transportation Center is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to get around quickly and easily.

Traveling By Train

Asbury Park is a station stop located along the North Jersey Coast Line, which is part of New Jersey Transit’s commuter rail line that runs from Penn Station in New York City to Bay Head, New Jersey. The transit line offers convenient access for commuters traveling between these two major cities and provides an important transportation connection for the area.

Visit the NJ Transit website for an array of information regarding schedules, fares, and other related details. There you can easily access times, prices, and more to plan your journey with confidence. With a little bit of exploration, you’ll find everything you need to know about traveling around New Jersey with NJ Transit – from routes to tickets and beyond!

Taking The Bus

Asbury Park is serviced by NJ Transit Buses, providing access to many areas in the Garden State. If you wish to travel with NJ Transit, you should visit their website for more information regarding schedules and fares. On the website, you can find accurate timetables as well as fare costs for each route. It is important to note that these services are available throughout New Jersey and beyond, allowing travelers easy access to various destinations.

The renowned private commuter bus company, Academy Bus, offers a range of services to Asbury Park locals and visitors. For those looking to travel within the area, they offer an extensive selection of timetables and fares. If you are interested in finding out more information regarding their services, please visit the Academy Bus website for further details on schedules and fares.

Traveling By Ferry

People from New York City who are either commuting or visiting can take a ferry to get to Asbury Park, which services nearby towns. To find out the timetables and prices for Seastreak Ferry, which serves Atlantic Highlands and Highlands in New Jersey, please visit the Seastreak website.

If you are in Belford, New Jersey, hop on the New York Waterway Ferry! To find out schedules and fares, check out the New York Waterway website.

By Air

Asbury Park is conveniently served by a number of international and regional airports in the vicinity. Travelers have the option to choose from many nearby destinations, making it easy for them to get to and from Asbury Park with relative ease. The area’s close proximity to these airports allows visitors from all over the world to access it quickly and efficiently.

  • Monmouth Executive Airport (BLM) is located in Wall Township, NJ, and is 9 miles away.
  • Newark Liberty International Airport, located in Newark, NJ, is 44 miles from the city.
  • JFK International Airport, located in Jamaica, New York, is 67 miles away.
  • The Atlantic City International Airport located in Atlantic City, New Jersey is approximately 73 miles away.
  • LaGuardia Airport, located in Queens, New York, is approximately 74 miles away.
  • Philadelphia International Airport, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is 84 miles away.

By Car

  • Traveling by car from New York City
  • Travel south on the New Jersey Turnpike until Exit 11 is reached.
  • Head south on the Garden State Parkway and depart at Exit 102.
  • Take a right onto Asbury Avenue when you come to the end of the exit ramp.
  • Head east and keep an eye out for the signs that point toward Asbury Park.
  • Traveling by car from Philadelphia:
  • Head north on I-95 until you come to I-195, then make a turn towards the east and stay on Route 18. As soon as you reach Route
  • 66/Asbury Avenue, go east.
  • Travel east on Asbury Avenue and look for signage indicating the way to Asbury Park.

Getting Around Asbury Park

The City of Asbury Park, with its 1.6 square miles of walkability, is the perfect place to explore by foot or bicycle. With a variety of destinations accessible in this relatively small area, you can easily reach your destination without having to worry about taking private transportation. However, for those who prefer it, several private transportation options are also available.

Riding A Bike

Asbury Park is proud to offer the Jersey Shore’s first bike share program, with strategically placed stations throughout the city. Commuters and visitors can take advantage of this convenient, affordable form of transportation by visiting Here they will find all the necessary information regarding fares and sign-up procedures. The bike share program is a great way to explore Asbury Park while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine!

By Jitney

Residents and visitors alike can take full advantage of the Jitney Services provided in Asbury Park from Memorial Day to Labor Day. During this time, they offer an exciting opportunity for individuals to explore the area without having to worry about transportation costs. The Free Ride is a complimentary route around the City that allows people to easily move throughout Asbury Park. For more information on these services, those interested are encouraged to visit the Free Ride website and see what options are available for them.

Scooter Dudes provides convenient and reliable transport from the Asbury Park Transportation Center to Convention Hall, taking you through downtown with ease. For further information regarding routes and fares, please be sure to visit the Scooter Dudes website for up-to-date details on your journey.

Exploring By Pedicab

Ride with Pride, an esteemed provider of pedicab service in Asbury Park, offers customers the ability to explore the area in a reliable and enjoyable manner. For further information regarding fares and other related details, be sure to check out their website at your earliest convenience. With Ride with Pride on your side, you can rest assured that you will have access to top-notch transportation services when touring Asbury Park.

Asbury PedalCycle provides a unique and exciting way to experience the City with their 15-passenger bike. Travelers can pedal around town on this fun and affordable form of transport. To find out more about fares and other information, you can visit the PedalCycle website for further details. With this convenient service, you can explore all that the City has to offer in an enjoyable and eco-friendly manner!

Taking A Taxi

Many taxi companies provide transportation services to the citizens of Asbury Park and its surrounding area. They offer a convenient option for those needing to travel short or long distances, allowing them to get around quickly and safely. These services are especially beneficial for those who do not have access to their own vehicle or public transportation, providing an efficient way to reach their destination with minimal hassle.

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